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Dear Earthlings,
In 2006 Solar Skeletons rided their astral horses to land on earth,
more precisely in Washington D.C. because some guys they met who were roaming around the sun told them the supposedly chief of the planet was there.

Their aim is to guide humanity to its final redemption and finish the work of heliogabalus and his gang, venerating the almighty monolith in order to penetrate the black sun.

To achieve their mission they've chosen the musical weapon without any limit of genre to bring as many humans as possible to understand the solar message.

Pagan Gospel Black Metal, Minimal Ex-Stasi Techno, Death Blues, Bakery Doom, Lofi Abomination, Disco Zombie, Arabic Wave, Transcendental Neo-asian Scapes and much more.....



zamzamrec 054

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Solar Skeletons
'' The Greedy Raven And The Four Branches ''

All music by Solar Skeletons
artwork and layout by H

For this recording Solar Skeletons were:

Tzii : zipsi, zourna, shruti box, effects
Ripit : lyra-8, effect

Recorded live at La Senne (Brussels-BE),
on the 20th of May 2018


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