.Rien Virgule


RIEN VIRGULE is before everything else musically, the meeting of four people, islands of desires, tentacles that embrace each other. Or “the meeting of a soldering iron and an iceberg, a pigeon asleep in a packet of chips, a smashed path in a debaptized city” (according to J. Burgun ).

For 8 years, two albums and numerous concerts, they have been peddling a generous, graceful and cold, intensely vibrating music. In a radical and deviant approach to Pop music, the classical structures of verse-chorus serve as a playground and experimentation, where rhythmic, melodic and noisy functions merge. In June 2019, Jean-Marc Reilla passed away. His homemade instrumentarium and laughter continue to resonate for his loved ones, and his memory lives on in the music of RIEN VIRGULE that has become a trio.


La Republique des Granges ~ Permafrost ~ Murailles Music ~ Zamzamrec

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Rien Virgule

La consolation des violettes


La Republique des Granges ~ Permafrost ~ Zamzamrec

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Rien Virgule

Le Couronnement des Silex

A1 Zanne Nel Velluto
A2 Tactile
B1 Mariage Des Pôles
B2 La Visite Aux Animaux Plâtrés
B3 La Peau Noire

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MUSIQUE : Jean-Marc Reilla, Manuel Duval, Anne Careil & Mathias Pontevia
ENREGISTRÉ & MIXÉ par Manuel Duval à la Grange Cavale, Chenaud, en 2018
PRODUCTION : Permafrost, Zamzam Records & La République des Granges
MASTERING & LAQUE : Frédéric Alstadt
POCHETTE : Anne Careil


Anne Careil: Synthétiseur, chant
Mathias Pontevia: Batterie
Jean-Marc Reilla: Dispositif électro-acoustique
Manuel Duval: Synthétiseurs, Samples