Micha Seidenberg

Micha Seidenberg (b. 1984, Zurich) was raised in a family with 11 children. In his childhood and youth, he was strongly influenced by self-taught music-making and orally transmitted Klezmer with influences from Eastern European folk music. He composes for everything that sounds and can convey and be experienced sensually through sound. In this sense, in addition to instrumental and vocal sound bodies, he has also intensively explored the possibilities of electro-acoustics.

"I am a composer. Metaphorical transformations of extra-musical contents and models are a constant in my compositional work. I consciously seek the intermedial friction associated with these transformations. Thus, for example, elements from haptics, spatiality or kinetics, but also psychological, socio-political and linguistic phenomena, are key issues in my work concepts and language has a powerful role when I work with them. Alongside conceptual questions, however, there is always a clear commitment to the sensual in music - to all that can only be experienced by hearing, performing or showing.

Decisive new impulses for my work have recently come from two different perspectives: my involvement with computer-assisted composing methods and sound synthesis as well as the collaborative work with the artist Valentina Pini. Her playful and highly intelligent visual language, often related to alchemy and magic, is very inspiring and reflecting upon the materials, notion of space and more generally about concepts of visual art has influenced my artistic perception and thinking.

I've written works for, with and without electronics which have been premiered by ensembles like ensemble recherche (Germany), Galatea Quartet (Switzerland), Ensemble Ascolta (Germany), ensemble proton (Switzerland). I live currently in Zurich and teach orchestration at Zurich University of the Arts."



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Micha Seidenberg



Music by Micha Seidenberg
Artwork, Stamp and videos by Valentina Pini