“H : Monogram Hologram entity - like HP Lovecraft giving you the finger inside a pyramid,
oscillating between theta and beta brain-states, practicing mesmeric audio gestures,
H ventures far out to reach magical spheres. Epic vibe, drones and fuzz,
mangled tapes and murky keyboards, H go hiss and say

→∞ Infinite Limits→∞

*))) ▲ ♥ H ♥ ▲ (((*






2008-2010 MASE 1, MASE 2, Science of Education , Geneva, Switzerland.
2004-2008 High School of Art and Design (H.E.A.D.), Geneva, Switzerland.
2002-2003 Master's degree, French Language and Literature, La Sorbonne, Paris.
2001-2002 Bachelor's degree, French Language and Literature, La Sorbonne, Paris IV,
2000-2001 Khâgne (Preparatory course 2), Lycée Albert Schweitzer, LeRaincy (94).
1999-2000 Hypokhâgne (Preparatory course 1), Lycée Paul Valéry, Paris 11e.
1998-1999 Baccalaureate with honours, François 1er, Fontainebleau (77).

Curatorial experience

2011 to the superfuture : ZAMZAMREC, Independent Music Label, creative network.
2015 : The ZZZone, Pop-up gallery, DIY Art & Music Space, Laboratory, Bristol, Uk.
2012 - 2015 : FAG Radio, freeform Internet Radio Station, Bristol and beyond.
2014 : The Tape Bakery, itinerant tapes record label, Uk & Europe festivals.
2014 : Carte Blanche, Le Monstre Festival, L'Usine, Geneva, Switzerland.
2014 - 2015 : Suprem Rituals, serie of concerts, The Island, Bristol.
2014 : NoiseesioN, all dayer, sound maze, The Island, Bristol.

Selected performances

03/04 /07/ 2015 / / Woodland Gathering 3 Festival / Ulverston, UK
02/05/2015 / / w/Anji Cheung, IOM, Gunclearner / Spatchcock, London, Uk
19/04/2015 / / Tesla Tapes/Zamzamrec showcase, w/ GNOD / Apiary Studios, London, UK
07/03/2015 / / w/ Alex Smoke / Café OTO, London, UK
16/02/2015 / / Bang The Bore w/ Nick Hennies, Matt Loveridge / cafe Kino, Bristol, UK
15/03/2014 / / w/ Rosanne Robertson , Danny Saul, Evil Man / Eagle Inn, Salford, Manchester, UK
21/02/2014 / / w/ Kawabata Makoto, Kathy Hynde, Hacker farm / Island, Bristol, UK
18/01/2014 / / NewYearNewNoise w/ Vessel, Giant Swan, Oliver Wilde / ARNOLFINI, Bristol, UK
15/12/2013 / / Wet Sounds w/ Henry Collins, Joel Cahen / Bristol South Swimming Pool, UK
17/18.08.2013 / / WOOLF MUSIC FESTIVAL, Cleeve House, Wiltshire, UK
9/10/11.08.2013 / / SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, UK
03.08.2013 / / w/ Shit and Shine, GNOD, Big Naturals, Uiutna / The Crypt, Bristol, UK
19.04.2013 / / w/ Deej Dhariwal, POHL, Big Naturals / The Croft, Bristol, UK
01.03.2013 / / w/ Anthroprophh, Giant Swan, Uiutna / Fag Studios, Bristol, UK,
16.02.13 / / w/ Ladyscraper, Cementimental & Anzhel Hutopia, Guncleaner, Brutes, London UK
11.01.13 / / w/ Pete Swanson and Cementimental / Arnolfini, Bristol UK
06.05.2012 // w/ Uiutna, Mxlx, Kro de la bestiole / 6b, Paris, Fr
11.04.2012 // w/ Stuart Chalmers, The Tobacconists - Smoking is Green - / Café Kino, Bristol UK
24.03.2012 // Rammel Club w/ SUDDEN INFANT + BBBlood + Aqua Dentata / Nottingham, UK
17.02.2012 // w/delmore fX and mat pogo / D.A.S, Berlin, De
15.01.2012 // w/ Sudden Infant / Cave 12, Geneva, CH
13.01.2012 // Platfon record w/ Papiro / New Jerseyy, Basel, CH
27.09.2011 // w/ Chris Point, Female & Colorguard / Popeyes Garage, New Haven, CT, USA
24.09.2011 // w/ Hype Williams, Factory Floor and Anika / Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
02.05.2010 // Cannibal Caniche Festival w/ Anita, Onefuckone, GB... / Berlin, De
02.03.2010 // Wildrfid party w/ Exteenager and Donald Suck / L'écurie, Genève, CH


2015 - NewYearNewNoise, Rummaging Orchestra, Performance, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
2013 - Free.Q Festival, Sound installation, Contemporary Museum of Villa Croce, Genova, IT
2009 -
WILDRFID N° 2+3 («koukulo» by Uiutna, «è» by Cancelled), Wall, Espace Labo, Geneva, CH
2009 - Zonoff Café (group exhibition), Video installation, Espace Labo, Geneva, CH
2008 - ''Le plus beau coucher de soleil'', Video-interactive, L'usine, Geneva, CH
2007 - ''AZ'' Speakers tower, Installation, Performance, Bernhard Bischoff Gallery, Bern, CH
2007 - Reality Strikes back, installation, Radio, Performance, Spinnerei, Leipzig, DE

Selected Publications


_2016_ ZOHASTRE, "Quark star /\ Etoile Etrange, tape, Zamzamrec, Fr
_2016_ H.U.M., TRINITY WAY, Vinyl LP, Rocket Recordings, Uk
_2015_ LaVague, vinyl 7'', Split with Hedoromeruhen, artwork by Alkbazz, LePetitMignon, DE
_2014_ H.U.M. , We Are One, C30 tape, Bumtapes records, Uk
_2014_ Circea, C50 tape, split with Uiutna, zamzamrec 029, Uk
nʌt/, cdR, self-released with artwork (poster A4), Uk
_2012_ NECROMANTIC 4D, C60 tape, split with Sudden Infant, zamzamrec 010, Uk
_2012_ Astro Soda, cdR, self-released, handcrafted artwork, Uk
_2011_ ZAM ZAM 1, split with Uiutna, C60 tape, zamzamrec 001, Uk
_2011_ Nevada, (CD), Dasandereselbst, Berlin, DE
_2009_ Ôskinsinechiyaya, Net-release, Vaatican records, FR


2015 >> Keen Zine #10 (various artists), Editor Djuna (Keen)Michielsen, SEA URCHIN, Antwerp, BE
2015 >> BOX, Issue 1, Art collective zine,
Editor Stephanie Elizabeth Third, Bristol, UK
2013 - 2014 >>
Girls Against God (various artists), Editor Bianca Casady, Capricious, NY, USA
2011 - 2015 >> Posters for concerts, radio, exhibitions, Uk and beyond
2011 - 2015 >> Artwork/Design for cassettes and cdR, Inserts, zamzamrec, Uk
2012 >> Front cover, L' entre-sort by Olivier Vanghent (book), L'Âge d'homme, FR/CH
2012 >>
Bite, cul, nichons et chatte, texts & drawings (various artists), Éditions Ripopée, Nyon, CH 2011 >> Triangle, drawing book, Éditions Ripopée, Nyon, CH
2010 >> Fantômes, fanzine (various artists), Les Éditions Fantôme, Geneva, CH
2010 >> Bite, cul, nichon, book of texts & drawings, Éditions Ripopée, Nyon, CH
2009 >> Cancelled, Insert for vinyls (x300), Wildrfid, Geneva, CH
2009 >> Tord boyaux , book of texts & drawings (various artists), Éditions Ripopée, Nyon,CH



///////////NewYearNewNoise - ARNOLFINI, Bristol, UK - Jan2014 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

“The last place H played in Bristol was a nearby swimming pool for the Arnolfini's Wet Sound night, with her audience adrift, floating in the deep end. Underwater, her drones cocooned your body and engulfed your brain. In the dark they make your inside quake. She caresses the mouth of a small bell with a contact mic, stretching its chime out into a long, icy shimmer, then begins adding fragments of noise. A stone staircase collapses, a haunting tape monastic chants booms and gets chewed up, sacrificial drums blast and lasers hit debris. The 20 minute piece is an artfully choreographed hallucination, underpinned by dreamlike repetitions and a sense of persistent vertigo.”

– Charlie Fox, The WIRE (Feb2014)


////w/Kawabata Makoto, Kathy Hynde, Hacker farm - Island, Bristol - Feb2014 \

“H, AKA Heloise of the excellent ZamZam label, kicked off the proceedings in contacted cymbal loop-caught metal overlaid in temples of spinning pennies, cross-stitched, pollinated in drifting drones, cross-cut with mythological teeth and kicked in scatter-cushioned primals. A whirring cascade that literally sucked you into its unfolding dramas, those shape-shifting horizons adance with cave-painted beasts. That distortion of chant later tape-fed into the mix, sounding like a mangled Chris de Burgh or some corrupted Buddhist hymn making for an fitting terminus to her tonal journey, signed off with a silent hand pyramid above her head. “

– Michael Rodham Heaps, FREQ (February2014)


//w/Rosanne Robertson , Danny Saul, Evil Man - EagleInn, Salford - March2014

“The night proceeded into more sepulchral terrain as H abandoned herself to alchemical practices of oppressive drones and cymbals that severed through the ego. The stifling ambience soon lifted, entering into drudging ceremonial rites, saturated with the foreboding industrialism of being locked in exoteric prayer. Lastly, the performance unraveled into a mass of shoegaze deconstructions; a deluge to the heart of melancholy in diasporic originality. “

- Dancing-and-laughing-presents-standing-and-listening (March2014)

/////////ZAMZAM HOROSCOPE for the Wire Rewind 2014 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Magic Window and Revisitation of a whole Beautiful Cycle
Thankzz and Thoughtzz to all who made it happen
It's also a momentum to take the next wave
Celebrate and enter new visions

Dabess z /\ M z /\ M wishes


Héloïse & Olmo


2+0+1+4 = zamzamrec musical magical celestial revolution

The 12 houses of the Zodiac - stars, rites and initiations - zamzam highlights sonic phenomena*******

A year under the sign of INFINITY... Research, movement, galaxies...
It's a soul dance of eternal becoming :

[Capricorn crescent] H rising concert at Bristol's Arnolfini for the "new year / new noise 1" by Howling Owl records - Here there be dragons

[Aquarius cardinal] Uiutna enters St John the Baptist Church with Father Murphy for a Cacophonous Sarcophagus night + "Mystical deads"

[Next level in Pisces] release of "Mental Transmutation Music vol. 11-22" by Mark Wagner, zamzamrec030

[Aries travels] Spring Equinox Sound Celebration at the Cave12 in Geneva, Switzerland + H / Uiutna / MW - Adventure Arc / Tour begins

[Taurus constellation] zamzamrecs showcase / all dayer at Apiary Studios in London, FagRadio transmissions and exhibition for Thomas Perrodin

[Gemini fx] **R*A*V*E** n **T*A*P*E** ((Radical Zoo ceremony with GNOD, Michael O'Neill, Lightning Glove, Giant Swan at the Island, Bristol

[Cancer revelations] H.U.M unite and depart for a European TOUR under the guidance of Hermes-Thot - Lichten{Berg{Kristall

[festival in Leo] TapeBakery project hosted by Supernormal ((cosmik cassettes freshly blessed on site ((laboratory tent open air

[Chaos continium in Virgo] \\NoiseesioN// all day [labyrinth~sound~exploration] by Numerous Mysterious players, Vibrazione and Cymagiks at the Island + arrival of NoiseesioN vol.1 compilation

[intense Libra] Suprem Ritualzz - concerts with Tipex Orchestra, Silver Waves, Ewa Justka, The Digitariat, Dave Phillips. Light. Blast and The Moon

[Abundance in Scorpio] zamzam "carte blanche" at the great Monstre Festival in Geneva ((aligning of thirty noisu creatures, 4D visual immersion, FagRadio signals and the TapeBakery returns with R-time recordings and creation of 10x10 unique cassettes
Entrance > We Are One, C30 by H.U.M. out on Bumtapes and marking the departure on a My(s)tiK tour.............../\.................... "Le paradis, c'est ici"

[I love you Sagittarius] H.U.M. saves a Congolese bar, place de la reine in Brussels - (c)osmos. Now joined by Mai Mai Mai and Simon Wildrfid, we will complete 5 dreamlike stages in the UK
Jupiter is calling ((zamzamrec034 by Ocean Floor as UFO ((zamzamrec033 by Anthropropph, Astral Voyages ((zamzamrec031 by Black Tempest and Naive I-V zamzamrec032 by Wizard of

Approaching : LaVague by H on LePetitMignon... Dream Draft, by Negra Branca... zamzamzam Caravan... more sound & more travels... www...



and other Radio